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Cosmetic Applications of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

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What are the Cosmetic Applications of PRP?

Among some of the many uses for PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), one of the most exciting applications lies in cosmetics. For example, PRP has proven to be a fantastic supplementary aid in several aesthetic dermatology procedures such as skin rejuvenation (largely focusing on facial tissue, but also applicable to the hand, foot, and neck area), acne scar and stretch mark treatments, as well as hair regeneration for those suffering from androgenetic alopecia (male/female pattern baldness). That said, it should be noted that in most cases, PRP does not take the place of the aesthetic procedures themselves- its main purpose is to help enhance results of already established procedures while promoting faster healing times. For a multitude of common ailments and discomforts that bother a large portion of the population, emerging studies from around the world show promising results which concur that PRP is an easier alternative to surgery while also aiding in the healing process! Read on to see how PRP can help you!

Procedures Where PRP Can Be Used Effectively

Skin and Muscle Tissue Rejuvenation

Because PRP is infused with platelets, which are healing elements in your blood, it’s no wonder its application has extended to cosmetic procedures focusing on rejuvenating skin.

According to a study done by the Korean Dermatological Society in 2011, PRP (when paired with activated platelet-poor plasma, or aPPP) can be used to “promote tissue remodeling in aged skin” as well as in conjunction with laser treatments. Additionally, according to Dr. Alan Matarasso, a Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, says that PRP’s emergence in the cosmetic field over the last 10-15 years is largely because patients have been searching for less invasive options for cosmetic services, especially when it comes to facial rejuvenation where injection-heavy procedures have been the norm. Matarasso also comments on the recent, but versatile development of PRP saying that surgeons have only been using it within the past 7 years, but that it has been proven to “speed up soft healing tissues from sports injuries” as well as “treat burn victims and patients with severe ulcers”.

These and other studies have further shown that PRP aids in collagen regrowth, regenerating tissue, as well as smoothing and tightening skin. For these reasons, PRP makes a great supplement to wrinkle and other skin smoothing treatments, such as the Vampire Facelift. The latter procedure uses PRP in order to aid with regenerating skin tissues and blood flow; in addition to PRP, “biocompatible injectable fillers”, which help rebuild facial volume lost to bone and muscle atrophy, are activated during this procedure.

Acne Scar Reduction

For those suffering from scarring caused by acne, PRP may be able to help! A “Split Face Comparative Study” was conducted in India in 2015 where both sides of a patient’s affected face were treated differently: One side was treated with microneedling (one of the most common ways to treat scars) and Vitamin C while the other was treated with a combination of microneedling and PRP. The study concluded that the side treated with PRP produced a more prominent result. These results not only show that PRP is useful in aiding in healing scar tissue, but also helps prove and strengthen the claim that PRP works well in combination with other procedures, even enhancing their results. Patients undergoing this treatment should expect to see results in about three weeks time; however, depending on the patient, several treatments may be necessary. On average, 1-3 visits are recommended in order for patients to receive satisfactory results.

Male and Female Pattern Baldness

Hair loss is a thing of the past with this simple non-surgical treatment that works basically the same as regular PRP treatments in that the site of the hair loss is directly injected with a PRP mixture. 

PRP is an effective solution for hair loss because platelets are not only the healing elements of your blood- they also carry the growth proteins which are often responsible for blood clotting when a blood vessel has a tear. PRP hair loss treatments have shown that it can help regrow hair when applied topically. The procedure takes about an hour and the patient sometimes has to undergo several subsequent treatments afterwards; a study from Navale Medical College in India shows that “a significant reduction in hair loss was observed between [the] first and fourth injections” while other studies suggest that repeating this treatment every 3-6 months offers the best results.  

How Does Cosmetic PRP Compare to Traditional Procedures?

As mentioned above, in cases where there is an already established procedure in place for the issue in question- such as the Vampire Facelift or microneedling- PRP is not meant to be used in place of that treatment- but as an additive. Procedures where PRP is the star player (like the hair loss treatment), offer a safe and effective way to cure an ailment that has potentially been bothering a patient for some time.

PRP is a special find in regard to cosmetics because doctors now have the option and ability to not only treat their patients’ pain more effectively and efficiently, but also allows them to offer new opportunities for patients to look and feel like their best selves. It is also a less invasive addition to these procedures with many simultaneous functions, including aiding in the healing process. As an added bonus, in many cosmetic procedures, PRP is applied topically- rather than through injections- which is often a more favorable option for patients.

All in All, Research Suggests That PRP Makes A Great Supplement for Cosmetic Procedures

Although PRP procedures are considered exempt from FDA regulation, studies done at various institutions around the world have been conclusive enough to offer concrete results. As more studies continue to be released, PRP’s applications in the fields of cosmetics, orthopedics, wellness, and regenerative medicine will continue to expand.

As you can see, there are many applications in which PRP can help, many of which are offered at Veritas’ flagship location, Veritas Backstage! If you’re in the Austin area, consider stopping by for a free consultation to see if PRP could play a part in increasing your quality of life!

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