Dermaplaning In Austin Texas

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    What is dermaplaning?

    Dermaplaning or Dermablading as the treatment is sometimes called, is a procedure that removes the fine hair from the skin while exfoliating the outermost layers of dull dead skin; resulting in a smooth radiant appearance. While the treatment is often performed on the face, it can be done on any area of the body but is most commonly performed on the face to gently lift away dead skin cells, remove fine hairs and leave your skin youthful and glowing. It is recommended prior to many laser procedures such as: Fraxel, IPL, to enhance results.

    Dermaplaning is a treatment suitable for all skin types, except for those who have active acne.

    benefits of dermaplaning?

    • Visibly lifts dead dull skin cells, resulting in smooth radiant skin
    • Restores skin hydration
    • Excellent summer and winter treatment

    what will I experience during dermaplaning?

    The skin will be cleansed with Veritas Bioactives sulfate-free cleansers to lift away oil and prepped with an alpha and beta hydroxy treatment to prepare the skin for renewal. The treatment is performed using a surgical blade that works quickly to lift away dead skin and peach fuzz, revealing a healthy glowing complexion that lasts for weeks and assists in an “airbrushed” look when make up is applied following.

    Whats Happening

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