Medical Coordinator

Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown Veritas Backstage

Michelle’s career started in 1995 at South East Baptist Hospital working in the patient intake department. In 2000 she went on to partner with Dr. Kent Hamilton at White Pearl Medical Spa. This was at a time when the term “med spa” was still in its infancy, and Michelle and Dr Hamilton helped pioneer and define what a professional med spa could be. 

Because of her work with Dr. Hamilton, Michelle is a sought after consultant, and over the past 2 decades she has been asked to work closely with some of Austin and San Antonio’s Top Doctors and practices.

Michelle and Devon have a long-standing and mutually cherished personal and professional relationship. In fact, Michelle was one of the first beta testers of Veritas Bioactives back in 2013.

In 2017, Michelle took on the role of Accounts Manager for Veritas Bioactives, serving and educating clientele both regionally and nationally.

That same year, Michelle accepted the position of Medical Coordinator at Veritas Backstage. But don’t let the title fool you into thinking Michelle’s duties are 1-dimensional. Michelle is a critical component in all aspects of the Veritas Backstage customer experience, which allows her to pursue her passion for helping people live better lives and develop a positive self-image. 

Michelle educates patients on how they can look and feel their best by making changes that are sustainable and foster longevity. She thrives creating action-oriented treatment plans, keeping the Backstage and Bioactives communities of clients are plugged into important information, recommending the best products for your skin, and being Devon’s right hand woman for patient consults. 

Career Stats:

Milan, SAC, Texas Careers, and Academy of Massage Therapy. Licensed Aesthetician, Medical Assistant, LVN. Certifications in advanced skincare treatment modalities, multiple advanced skincare device certifications, and Texas certified in advanced skincare education. #1 Certificate of Patient Care and Education with Dr. Stephen Mulholland, renowned plastic surgeon.