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Top 5 Most Important Summer Skincare Tips

Save your skin this summer with these five, Veritas Backstage-approved skincare tips! According to our thermostat, summer has arrived in Austin. And the change in season brings with it big shifts in humidity, arctic blasts of air-conditioning, and brighter, longer days – all of which have an impact on your skin. So before you revel in the skin-baring goodness that the Texas summer provides, consider making these simple shifts in your beautycare regimen to ensure that your skin glows all

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The Truth About Your Double Chin (and how to get rid of it)

If you’re like most people, you might assume that your double chin (otherwise known as submental fat) is simply the result of excess fat. But the truth is, fat isn’t always the culprit. According to experts, it’s not uncommon for a person of normal weight to develop a double chin because of sagging skin caused by either genetics or the effects of aging. It’s also possible that your double chin is the result of poor posture. Repetitive slouching can cause

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5 Ways to Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day

Every second Sunday in May, people around the nation celebrate Mother’s Day by buying cards and showering their mom with a little extra love and attention (and maybe a gift or two). And while there’s no question that the woman who raised us deserves our utmost gratitude and affection, there are actually deeper reasons as to why we celebrate Mother’s Day… Quick History Lesson The Mother’s Day origin story starts with a woman named Ann Jarvis. A peace activist who

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What To Do When You Don’t Like Your Botox Results

Botox® is THE most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatment across the globe. Last year, more than seven million injections were administered in the US alone! And it’s easy to see why people LOVE their Botox – It can have a near magical effect on the face, smoothing out wrinkles and erasing fine lines. For tips on how to choose the best Botox injector, make sure to check out our blog post here. But the truth is that not all Botox

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See My Results: Radio Frequency Resurfacing

We’ve been talking this month about the importance of resurfacing the skin for it’s really great regenerative abilities. It’s a lot like weightlifting for the skin – You introduce a little bit of controlled activity to break down the tissue, which in turn forces the skin to rebuild new healthy tissue. I’m a little embarrassed to be showing this (see video below) – Typically I don’t appear on camera without makeup, but I wanted you to see what one day post-op

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The Best Skin Treatment During the Winter Months

Spring is almost here! Granted, living in Austin, TX, we get very little of the seasonal onslaught much of the rest of the country experiences – BUT – we’re no less excited when the temperature gauge begins to creep up and the clothing begins to come off. As you know, Veritas Backstage is in the business of beauty and wellness, so this time of year has always equated to a focus on three things: Resurfacing, resurfacing, and resurfacing Why? Well,

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How to Choose a Botox Injector

How to Choose A Botox® Injector

These days, it seems like you could throw a rock and hit a business that offers Botox® injections. Doctors, dermatologists, med spas, and beauty clinics have all hopped on the Botox bus. But getting Botox (and similar injections such as Dysport) isn’t the same as getting your hair cut or your nails done. If your hair or nails look less than desirable, there can certainly be a disappointment. But in the hands of an untrained or unskilled Botox injector, you

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10 Beauty Do’s and Don’ts

Sometimes, many of us want to change certain things in our lives. However, whether it’s working out more, eating right, or taking care of your skin, it can be daunting to figure out where to start. At Veritas, we can help when it comes to beauty tips- we are experts! Anyone can follow these 10 easy-to-understand beauty do’s and don’ts to fulfill their beauty and wellness goals. Tip #1: Do Wear Sunscreen Daily Wearing a sunscreen that is at least

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Beautiful Skin Requires Commitment: Beauty Tips and Tricks From the Pros at Veritas Backstage

At Veritas, we are committed to bringing you the best when it comes to beauty services. In a recent Facebook Live video, Devon, Leigh Ann, and Vanadia discuss the best beauty tips and tricks when it comes to maintaining your skin. The Importance of Skin Conditioning All three ladies agree that sunscreen, exfoliation, and moisturizing, and ideally, the combination of all three, are key components to conditioning the skin properly. Sunscreen There is almost nothing more important than protecting your

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