PDO Thread Lift in Austin, TX

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    We aren’t settling for sagging…

    That is why we offer MINT (Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread) PDO (Poludioxanone) threads. These are an amazing alternative to surgical facelifts. The MINT PDO threads offer lift in areas of the face that cannot be achieved with filler, such as loose or sagging skin which create undesired wrinkles that give away the appearance of aging. Because let’s be real, some of us may or may not have tugged at spots in the mirror that weren’t there last year.


    What Is A PDO Thread Lift?

    PDO threads are made up of small barbs intertwined with the thread that agitate soft tissue in the face just enough to help stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen, enhancing the skin’s elasticity, texture and buxom, while amending fine lines. They are inserted underneath the skin and anchor into areas where a tighter appearance is desired, artfully placed by Devon to create a beautifully natural silhouette.

    Those who may consider this procedure might feel it is unnecessary for them to undergo invasive surgery for minor facial sagging. Whether their skin is not mature enough (cough, cough… you’re still looking fabulous anyway!), they only desire minimal lift or do not wish for permanent results, a PDO Thread Lift could be the best option for them.

    Where On The Body Can This Treatment Be Performed?

    Threads can be inserted in many different regions of the face. Most commonly, they are strategically placed to hold onto the jawline and mid to lower parts of the face, such as cheeks, nasolabial folds and marionette lines. However, they can also be placed in areas to minimize the appearance of extra skin on the neck or under the jaw, or to lift the eyebrows for that fox eye effect Bella Hadid has all of us swooning over!

    Do PDO Thread Lifts Hurt?

    This minimally invasive, 30 minute treatment is performed in one of our comfortable  treatment rooms and does not require anesthesia. Before the procedure, your provider will apply a topical numbing agent to help minimize any discomfort. Most patients tolerate PDO thread lift very well.

    What Should I Expect After Treatment?

    Post-procedure, patients will likely experience soreness, tightness or bruising in the affected areas between 1-3 weeks. The threads themselves dissolve over the course of 6-12 months, and results can last for approximately 2 years; which is enough time to revamp your wardrobe to emulate the Hadid sisters in more ways than one! Little tip: we recommend taking some Arnica beforehand and Tylenol afterwards.


    Whats Happening

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