See My Results: Radio Frequency Resurfacing

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We’ve been talking this month about the importance of resurfacing the skin for it’s really great regenerative abilities.

It’s a lot like weightlifting for the skin – You introduce a little bit of controlled activity to break down the tissue, which in turn forces the skin to rebuild new healthy tissue.

I’m a little embarrassed to be showing this (see video below) – Typically I don’t appear on camera without makeup, but I wanted you to see what one day post-op looks like if you’ve had the Radio Frequency Micro-Fractional Resurfacing Treatment.

Get A Close Look at My Results:

Let me give you the rundown on what to expect from your Radio Frequency Resurfacing treatment:

The Day of the Procedure:

You’re going to feel like there’s a hot heat emanating from your skin. It feels a lot like a sunburn. So icing five minutes off, 10 minutes on for the duration of the day, and sleeping with their head elevated can really help.

The Second Day After the Procedure:

You may wake up a little bit swollen, especially around the eyes, a little bit around the mouth too. Check out the video to see exactly how swollen I am). This is an important part of collagen remodeling process and is an indication of your skin’s tissues naturally rebuilding.

The Third Day After the Procedure:

The redness starts to develop into what looks like a tan. You’ll feel a little sandy texture on the skin as well. Your skin will turn a little bit tawny – The gritty skin’s texture will be not noticeable visibly, but I’ll be able to feel it.

Pro Tip: Don’t use any buff puffs. Don’t use any manual exfoliants in order to accelerate that process. You’ve got new baby tissue underneath that will reveal itself in a period of about a week’s time.

Days 5-7 After the Procedure

Your skin will be more radiant. You won’t have any rough texture, your fine lines will be minimized, and your tone will be radiantly healthy.

Whenever you’re preparing to look photo ready or look your best, plan to have this procedure done a minimum of seven days prior. Again, day one, day two are really the worst that you’ll look, and as you can from my video, it’s really not so bad.

Again, I could’ve covered up with makeup if I wanted to, but I wanted you to be able to see exactly what’s going on. So you can see almost a pixelation pattern where they’re little tiny dots on the skin.


What Are The Benefits of Radio Frequency Resurfacing?

The benefits in performing this procedure are:

  1. Maintenance. I don’t want to have to have an upper or lower blepharoplasty. I’d like to not have to have any surgeries for my face, so this is something that I can do to strengthen the elasticity around my eyes and prevent that from occurring.
  2. Reduction in wrinkles/brown spots/pore size/acne. I was somebody who struggled with grade three acne, which means a lot of inflammation, a lot of angry acne, especially in this area. So I still have some acne scars and some little brown spots.

With this treatment, I’m healing my acne scars. It’s forcing the collagen to rebuild so that the skin texture and tone is much more even.



Getting the Most From Your Resurfacing Treatment

You can expect about a 20% correction with each resurfacing treatment. We’ve found that, for the best correction and the most profound results, our clients are best served by doing a minimum of three resurfacing treatments.

We’ll see you once per month every month to complete your series – You can expect a compounding effect with your results. In other words, every single procedure will produce even greater results!

But remember – The perfect time to begin with more assertive corrective skin resurfacing is NOW!

Are you a Veritas Backstage member?

If so, you’re going to love this:

This month, members who purchase a series of three skin resurfacing treatments will enjoy 20% OFF!

So remember… If you look in the mirror and think:

  • I want smoother skin
  • I want less visible pore size
  • I need to minimize my wrinkles
  • I’ve gotta do something about the brown pigmentation

Now is the time for action…

Now is the time for resurfacing!

At Veritas Backstage, our beauty specialists have over 30 years of combined experience in advanced skin care and resurfacing, and a track record of 5-star, fantastic customer service.

If you’d like to determine if skin resurfacing is right for you, contact us today at 800-954-7590 or request an appointment online.

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