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5 Ways to Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day

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Every second Sunday in May, people around the nation celebrate Mother’s Day by buying cards and showering their mom with a little extra love and attention (and maybe a gift or two).

And while there’s no question that the woman who raised us deserves our utmost gratitude and affection, there are actually deeper reasons as to why we celebrate Mother’s Day…

Quick History Lesson


The Mother’s Day origin story starts with a woman named Ann Jarvis. A peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the Civil War, Jarvis established what she called “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” in order to address public health issues.

Shortly after her passing, Jarvis’ daughter Anna sought to honor her mother by continuing her work and working to create a day to celebrate moms everywhere.

Though a proposal for the holiday was initially rejected by the U.S. Congress in 1908, the idea for Mother’s Day quickly began to gain popularity and most states began celebrating it as a local holiday by 1911.

Three years later, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation officially designating Mother’s Day a national holiday.


The Best Ways to Celebrate Mom

Devon Perry and Mom

There’s certainly no question that the woman who raised us deserves our utmost gratitude.

But what’s the best way to celebrate her this Mother’s Day?

Below are our top 5 methods to Make mom feel special for Mother’s Day (or any day)


Simple yes, but a surefire way to make Mom feel special and start the day off RIGHT. Click here for a collection of awesome and healthy brunch meals that Mom is sure to love.


If there’s one thing lacking in today’s social media world, it’s undivided, face-to-face quality time. Why not make some new, non-digital memories by grabbing the family and heading to a favorite park for a picnic, or hit the trail and go for a bike ride, or better yet, soak in some sun and fresh air with a hike in the greenbelt. Click here for a list of our favorite hiking spots in Austin.


Time is our most precious commodity, and time off is a close second 🙂 Encourage the whole family to pitch in and let mom sit back and relax and soak up some much deserved non-doing.


Mother’s Day is about honoring all mothers, so this holiday, why not help a mother in need by donating to organizations that help mothers and children. Here’s a list of local charities doing some real good for families in Austin.


Sometimes Mom just needs a little (or a lot) of pampering. And what better way to relax and refuel the self-care tank than with a little beauty and wellness love.

And right now at Veritas Backstage, you can treat your mom to some of our most popular and effective treatments and save some green in the process.

See below for our list of specials that are good now through Mother’s Day (2019)

Mothers Day Specials:

» The Glow Facial + Dermaplaning COMBO:
Regular price = $300
On Sale now for $99 Off

» Kybella Submental Fat Reduction:
Regular price $600
On Sale now for $200 Off

» Non-surgical Lip Enhancement:
$100 off your treatment

» RF Skin tightening:
Treat your face, things or hips
A series of 3 sessions on sale now for 20% off

If you have any questions or would like help determine which treatment might be the best fit for your mother (or yourself), contact us today at 800-954-7590 or request an appointment online.

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