Twilight PRP Face Lift In Austin Texas

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    what is Twilight PRP Face Lift?

    The Twilight PRP Face Lift is a proven and innovative method of restoring youth to the face. The treatment combines PRP growth factors from your blood to stimulate the regeneration of new youthful skin tissues and blood flow to the skin; PLUS, biocompatible injectable fillers help to lift and replace lost facial volume resulting from bone and muscle atrophy;  micro-needle therapy, with or without PRP, to aids in resurfacing damaged skin.

    benefits of Twilight PRP Face Lift?

    Brighter more lively skin appearance. (Rosy rather than gray or lack-luster)

    Restores youthful volume and contour

    Bolsters structural support for youthful facial structure

    Regenerates new healthy supportive tissue and vascularity

    Natural, safe, trusted procedure to turn back the hands of the proverbial age-clock.


    Why should I have my Twilight PRP Face Lift?

    Because as a result of aging,

    1. Skin color becomes grayer as the result of less blood flow.

    2. Facial Shape becomes collapsed and droopy as muscle and collagen tone and mass decrease.

    3. Skin texture becomes less smooth due to a combination of degradation processes.  As a result, you may look “worn”, haggard, “tired” or “droopy.”  The lively, rosy hue (seen plainly in playing children of every skin color and in young adults) fades to a dull gray appearance associated with age

    What will I experience during my Twilight PRP Face Lift?

    The Twilight PRP Face Lift procedure involves using a trifecta of our favorite anti-aging modalities. Micro-needle therapy to reduce wrinkles and jumpstart the collagen building process, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to accelerate new healthy tissue re-growth, and Juvederm to restore shape and structural support.

    This treatment is frequently used to enhance the results of other modalities; such as biocompatible injectable fillers, fat transfer, and/or Fraxel laser treatments.

    Here’s how it’s done… 3 Steps of the Twilight PRP Face Lift Procedure

    (1) The physician isolates growth factors from the patient’s blood.

    (2) The injector uses HA fillers to create a beautiful shape.

    (3) When these growth factors enter the face, then multipotent stem cells become activated to support the growth of new tissue.  This new tissue includes new collagen for structure, new fatty tissue (for smoothness), and new blood vessels (for a healthy youthful glow).

    (1) Creating a Beautiful & Natural Shape

    In the first part of the Twilight PRP Face Lift procedure, the staff uses an

    Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler (like Restylane or Juvederm) in a very specific way to sculpt a younger appearing face–while still keeping the shape natural.

    Providers of the Twilight PRP Face Lift procedure take into account the mathematics of beauty as defined by much research (starting with the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci) to avoid at all costs creating an unnatural shape.  These ideas about the HA fillers are not commonly known even among the best of cosmetic surgeons.

    After creating a younger, natural shape, then the physician harvests from the patient’s own blood growth factors that the body would normally use to heal damaged tissue.

    (2) Isolating  & Activating the Magic from Your Blood

    First,  the physician draws about  2 teaspoons of blood.

    Then, using a specialized FDA approved centrifuge, the physician isolates platelets from that blood (platelet-rich plasma or PRP)–all within about 10 minutes in the office!

    Then the “activated” platelets to cause the release from the platelets of at least 8 growth factors that would normally be used to heal injured tissue.  

    These growth factors work like magic to cause increased collagen & new blood flow. To rejuvenate new skin, these growth factors must be put back into your face.  

    (3) Injecting the Magic into Your Face

    Using numbing cream and a very small needle (for almost no pain), the physician injects the woman’s own growth factors back into her face in a particular way. These growth factors then activate multipotent stem cells already in the skin (tricking them into “thinking” there’s been an injury and new younger tissue should be generated).

    The multipotent stem cells then develop into new collagen, new blood vessels, and new fatty tissue trying to “repair” the skin that was never injured!

    The result…younger-appearing skin!

    The effects of the procedure improve for 2 to 3 months and last for at least 1 to 2 years!

    Whats Happening

    **Results may vary. Backstage Spa & Wellness Institute is reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Unless otherwise noted, testimonials provided for Backstage Spa & Wellness Institute are clients of Backstage Spa & Wellness Institute who have undergone complete treatment(s.) However, results may vary per client. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Read our full disclaimer here.