All You Need to Know About Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

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Radio Frequency

Wrinkles, cellulite, inflammation, and sagging skin… These are the “4 Horsemen” of the aging process and the main offenders in the fight to look and feel youthful.

While there are numerous modalities that will target each offender individually, there’s one treatment that can handle all 4 in one fell swoop:

Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening

With this leading edge technology, gone are the days of having to rely on surgery to achieve optimally tight and smooth skin.

And did you know? The use of Radio Frequency energy can treat anything from mild back pain to advanced sagging skin, all in a minimally invasive, safe, non-surgical way.

How does Radio Frequency skin tightening work?

The physical signs of aging in adults – wrinkles, cellulite, etc – are the result of a decrease in collagen, which is the main structural protein in your skin and connective tissue. Both men and women lose about one percent of their collagen per year after their 30th birthday. For women, menopause can greatly increase that percentage.

Radio Frequency exposes your skin to targeted heat, accelerating the production of collagen.

The increased collagen production acts as your ultimate anti-aging formula, rejuvenating your skin, and making it firm, full, and supple.


Radio Frequency can be used to treat a variety of your beauty needs

From typical signs of aging like sagging or wrinkles to damaged skin, vaginal laxity, and more, Radio Frequency can effectively treat a variety of concerns:

  • Sagging skin, bulging skin
  • Cellulite
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Vaginal laxity and incontinence:

To boot, here are the top 5 benefits of getting a Radio Frequency treatment:

1) Diminish or Remove Cellulite

Cellulite is (unfortunately) a women-only skin challenge commonly found around the buttocks and at the back of the thighs where we typically store our body fats.

Thanks to the RF treatment, however, gone are those days when women have to suffer from the skin bulging problems caused by cellulite. The heat from the RF treatment greatly diminishes the bulging of excess fatty tissues, effectively erasing cellulite.

2) Reduce Body Fats

Radio Frequency can effectively address excessive body fats regardless of age. The resulting heat mechanism of the RF treatment causes fat to literally melt away and be drained into the system, producing a result similar to surgical means of losing body fats (without the complications associated with surgical procedures!).

3) Tighten the Skin

Wrinkles are an unfortunate byproduct of the aging process. However, when applying Radio Frequency to the face, collagen production is stimulated thereby filling in wrinkles and filling out sagging skin.

4) Liposuction Smoothing

The sad truth about liposuction is that there’s rarely a 100% smooth finish to the area being treated. Radio Frequency can be used to effectively “finish” the smoothing process for patients dissatisfied with their surgical procedures.

5) Contour Reshaping

Radio Frequency treatments can be used to reshape of our bodies using a technology that works beneath the skin surface while leaving the superficial layers untouched.

Aside from cellulite treatment, removal of unwanted body fats, tightening of the skin, and its smoothing from the liposuction procedure, RF sessions facilitate reshaping of our body.

Through a procedure known as body contouring, patients can effectively improve, re-contour and reshape the skin of their body and face.

Hidden benefits of Radio Frequency

A major benefit of radio-frequency skin tightening is that treatment stimulates collagen production. This is wonderful news for people looking to treat current signs of aging, but check this out:

Many of our Backstage clients use Radio Frequency as preventative measures, effectively stopping the signs of aging before they start.

Talk about a preemptive strike!

The best candidates for Radio Frequency

If you desire wrinkle-free, smoother and tighter skin, or if you’re interested in delaying future skin laxity, Radio Frequency might be right for you.

To determine if you’re a candidate, contact us today to schedule a free consultation: Call us at 800-954-7590 or request an appointment online.

In love, health and youthful radiance,

– Devon Perry 

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