Backstage Venus Membership

You deserve it! Enjoy the incredible benefits of Austin’s premier Advanced Aesthetics program.

This Membership Includes:

$199 Membership Dues

The typical IPL session costs around $400. The average cost of a PiQo4 session is around $350. With this membership, you could save as much as $1,250 annually!

How Membership Works

Every 4 weeks, book your monthly treatment whenever and wherever is most convenient. Save money, and most importantly, give your skin the long term support and silky smooth feeling it deserves.

Expanded Benefits

MORE TREATMENT OPTIONS :: Do even more for the health and youthful beauty of your skin with these advanced treatment options:

  • IPL photofacial
  • Glow Facial
  • Signature Facial
  • PiQo4 Laser Face Tune Facial or pigment eraser
  • Dermaplaning
  • A/C Dual Photo Facial for Acne

the many benefits of IPL Photofacial

Reduce visible signs of premature aging, such as sun damage, brown spots, visible veins, discoloration, and fine lines and wrinkles with Veritas Backstage IPL!

Powered by SmartPulse™ technology, this Intense Pulse Light treatment delivers precise light through several layers of skin. This generates heat when absorbed by the targeted tissue, which corrects imperfections in the skin without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. A real-time cooling system works to keep your skin protected throughout treatment.

IPL Photofacials safety and effectively addresses a range of skin conditions including:

And check this out: According to recently released results of a 10-year study by California’s Stanford University, IPL treatments not only repair signs of aging, but help to prevent future signs of aging as well!

Researchers found that just 2-3 treatments per year can restore the gene expression of aged skin to resemble much younger skin. In fact, in photos of study participants, many had younger-looking, smoother and more even-toned skin a decade later than when they began treatments. (Wow!)

Erase unsightly scars, uneven tone, or brown spots from sun damage


Would you like to erase signs of the past, such as unsightly scars or brown spots from sun damage? Or do you just yearn for new, clear-looking skin? PicoFractional is a revolutionary skin treatment solution. It’s a photoacoustic fractional laser that eradicates unsightly pigmentation and also tones and rejuvenates skin.

  • Fast and comfortable
  • No downtime
  • Treats all skin types

What makes PiQo4 special?

PicoFractional is an advanced skin treatment solution powered by the PiQo4 system.

PicoFractional uses photoacoustic energy combined with high energy to reach deep into skin and shatter multiple types of skin pigmentation, such as pigmented lesions, age spots, sun spots, acne scars and surgical scars, as well as treat facial lines and wrinkles.

PicoFractional also stimulates new collagen, so that skin is renewed to achieve a brighter and even tone.


PiQo4 laser technology effectively removes all common colors tattoos, either amateur or professional. This new technology targets both large and small tattoo particles simultaneously, breaking them into tiny particles that are naturally removed by your body. The laser only targets the ink, and will not harm the surrounding skin.

Tattoo ink particles vary in size. Previous technologies would break down either small particles or large particles, but not the two together. The versatility of the PiQo4 allows for precise treatment of varying particle sizes and tattoo colors.

To easily sign up for membership using our patient portal, see video walkthru below

Membership Terms

  • Membership dues are billed on a 30-day cycle
  • There is no minimum Membership period, but we recommend at least 6 months of treatment to achieve your skin care goals
  • You can cancel your Membership at any time with a 30 day notice in writing – email  Membership credits in your Wallet expire after two years if not used, and membership credits cannot be refunded for any reason.  
  • Membership is non-transferable and benefits are exclusive to the member only. (Photo ID is required at check-in).
  • Members must abide by Veritas Backstage cancellation policy.
  • Membership dues are placed in your Wallet to be used towards the membership service for which you are enrolled. However, the credits in your Wallet can be used towards any service except for injectables, and you can access your Wallet online and make appointments. If you would like access please let us know and we will email you a link.
  • Membership discounts cannot be combined with any additional offers.
  • Gratuities are not included in membership pricing. Our recommended standard gratuity is 18%-20% of the full service fee.

**Results may vary. Backstage Spa & Wellness Institute is reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Unless otherwise noted, testimonials provided for Backstage Spa & Wellness Institute are clients of Backstage Spa & Wellness Institute who have undergone complete treatment(s.) However, results may vary per client. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Read our full disclaimer here.