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    What is Stress and Adrenal Optimization?

    Stress and Adrenal Optimization is a method of obtaining a greater sense of wellbeing and enhanced performance.

    We are all exposed to varying levels of stress, sleep deprivation, work overload, and toxins. As a result, a fight or flight response (alarmed response) in the body is engaged; and, when this becomes a chronic condition, the result is burn-out.

    Our goal is to restore nutritional and hormonal balance to aid in improving mood, memory, sleep, and irritability.

    Benefits of Nutritional Replenishment?

    Some of the benefits of Stress and Adrenal Optimization include the following:

    • Increased Energy levels

    • Increased Immune function

    • Better response to stress

    • Blood sugar levels

    • Blood pressure

    What is the Stress and Adrenal Optimization Process?

    During your initial visit we’ll get to know you and your lifestyle (or the pressors in your life); and, we’ll acquire a complete list of all of your supplements and medications, for an extrinsic and intrinsic evaluation. Additionally, we will order necessary lab evaluations to obtain an accurate picture of your health. A follow up appointment with one of our physicians or Knowledge Bar Experts will be scheduled to review the findings and explore with you the paths to obtain optimal wellness.  Together, a treatment protocol that is in alignment with your lifestyle and health and beauty objectives will be created.

    What are symptoms of adrenal fatigue?

    • Energy levels. You’re tired first thing in the morning — and maybe all day, every day.

    • Immune function. You seem to have recurrent infections that take a long time to clear up.

    • Response to stress. You feel overwhelmed and unable to deal with stress, and “crash” under too much stress.

    • Blood sugar levels. You have dropping blood sugars and intense irritability when hungry (i.e., “Feed me now — or I’ll kill you!” is a thought you might be having).

    • Blood pressure. You may have a drop in blood pressure and dizziness when you stand up.


    Unfortunately, adrenal exhaustion doesn’t show up on standard blood tests until you’re practically dead. But if you have one or more of the above concerns, here’s what you can do about it.

    There are several easy and natural ways to help promote healthy adrenal function. They include:

    1. Adrenal glandulars. This type of supplement supplies the raw materials your adrenal glands need for optimal functioning. My patients typically take 200-450 mg daily.

    2. Vitamin C. The body’s highest levels of vitamin C are found in the adrenal glands (and the brain), and this nutrient is a must for healthy adrenal function. Get at least 100 mg a day (an optimal intake is 500-750 mg daily).

    3. Pantothenic acid, or vitamin B5. This nutrient also supports adrenal function. The optimum amount to take is 100-150 mg daily.

    Licorice. This herb slows down the breakdown of adrenal hormones in your body, helping to maintain healthy levels. An excellent way to get licorice is to take 200-400 mg a day of licorice extract standardized to contain 5% glycyrrhizic acid, the active ingredient. (Caution: Don’t take licorice if you have high blood pressure.)

    Whats Happening

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