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7 Applications of PRP

PRP helps with an incredible range of issues, cosmetic and non-cosmetic alike, that ail the average individual. From muscle strain to skin grafts, PRP is a leading treatment option in multiple fields, and it continues to gain more traction as more patients attest to its healing benefits. Here are 7 examples of applications of PRP that can benefit all genders: Chronic Lower Back Pain According to the CDC, chronic lower back pain is the second leading cause of disability in the

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4 Non-Cosmetic Reasons People Undergo PRP Treatment

We can’t stop talking about PRP and all its benefits. The vast range of different fields, injuries, and issues that PRP can impact is not only profound, but continues to grow. Beyond the cosmetic benefits of PRP popularized by celebrities, PRP is also responsible for bringing both relief and aid to a variety of patients. Want to learn about Platelett-Rich Plasma (PRP) in more detail? Consider checking out our posts on The History of PRP and What is PRP? to

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The History of PRP

To refresh your memory, PRP is blood that has been infused with 5-10 times more platelets (the healing elements in your blood) than normal. It can sometimes even be used during surgical procedures to get a jump start on the recovery process. PRP therapy is most often used to treat connective tissue injuries and promote faster healing after a procedure. You can learn about PRP in more detail here. But how did PRP get so popular? How did doctors discover

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