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The Best Skin Treatment During the Winter Months

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Spring is almost here!

Granted, living in Austin, TX, we get very little of the seasonal onslaught much of the rest of the country experiences – BUT – we’re no less excited when the temperature gauge begins to creep up and the clothing begins to come off.

As you know, Veritas Backstage is in the business of beauty and wellness, so this time of year has always equated to a focus on three things:

and resurfacing


Well, if you’re unhappy with the look and feel of your skin, and really want to put your best face forward come May, resurfacing treatments are the quickest route to vibrantly beautiful skin.

But there is a catch: You have to act NOW.

As spring starts to turn into hot summer months, the intense UV rays coupled with an outdoor lifestyle make for less than ideal conditions to be assertive and corrective with the tone and texture of your skin.

Translation: The optimal time to make big corrections in the health and youthful of appearance of your skin is during winter and early spring.

The Best Skin Treatment During the Winter Months

Our Tech Tool for a Youthful, New You

For our resurfacing clientele, we use our non-ablative, radio frequency micro-fractional treatment (RF Resurfacing). This technology is one of the most advanced methods of resurfacing skin on the market today.

Our fractional resurfacing is a proven, safe procedure that’s perfect for all skin types – Whether you’re as dark as Naomi Campbell of as fair as Nicole Kidman.

In a series of three treatments, we’ll be able to:

  • Completely transform and rejuvenate your skin
  • Get rid of dead, dull layers of skin
  • Eliminate skin that’s damaged or weathered by the sun
  • Minimize wrinkles
  • Shrink pore size

How The Treatment Works

On the day of the service, we’ll numb you up with a topical numbing anesthetic for about an hour and then go into the treatment.

The treatment itself takes about 15 minutes and is really pretty comfortable because of the long duration of time we enable you to numb.

Post-treatment, you’ll look like you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun. The redness will quickly turn into what looks like a tan.

NOTE: Resurfacing treatments enable you to get back into your active lifestyle right away. There’s really no downtime except for a couple of days of being a little bit swollen and a little bit red.

On day two / day three, you’ll likely feel a little bit of a rough texture on the skin, which sometimes appears in a pixelation pattern.

The real healing process happens from day three through day seven. Note: It’s important NOT to do anything to accelerate the sloughing off period. Backstage resurfacing is a proliferative procedure, but it’s not like a chemical peel – ie: you won’t have skin that’s peeling off in sheets. Part of why our clients love this treatment is because it’s so much easier to tolerate than an assertive chemical peel (like a TCA or Jessner’s), and the results are equally as fantastic.

By day seven, you can expect to look picture perfect. Your skin will look and feel renewed, it’ll be much softer, it’ll be glowing, and your wrinkles will be minimized.

Pro Tip: If you have a gathering or special event for which you need to be presentable, plan to have this done 10 days in advance.



Getting the Most From Your Resurfacing Treatment

You can expect about a 20% correction with each resurfacing treatment. We’ve found that, for the best correction and the most profound results, our clients are best served by doing a minimum of three resurfacing treatments.

We’ll see you once per month every month to complete your series – You can expect a compounding effect with your results. In other words, every single procedure will produce even greater results!

But remember – The perfect time to begin with more assertive corrective skin resurfacing is NOW!

Are you a Veritas Backstage member?

If so, you’re going to love this:

This month, members who purchase a series of three skin resurfacing treatments will enjoy 20% OFF!

So remember… If you look in the mirror and think:

  • I want smoother skin
  • I want less visible pore size
  • I need to minimize my wrinkles
  • I’ve gotta do something about the brown pigmentation

Now is the time for action…

Now is the time for resurfacing!

At Veritas Backstage, our beauty specialists have over 30 years of combined experience in advanced skin care and resurfacing, and a track record of 5-star, fantastic customer service.

If you’d like to determine if skin resurfacing is right for you, contact us today at 800-954-7590 or request an appointment online.

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