Biomimetic Peptides + Your Beauty and Wellness

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In a recent joint interview, Devon and Dr. Calvo sat down to discuss a cutting-edge concept in beauty and wellness: peptides.

Peptides, specifically biomimetic peptides, represent a giant leap forward when it comes to anti-aging products and research. Read on to learn about how they work, how changing your beauty and wellness regime can help, and how we utilize them in our Bioactives products.

What are Biomimetic Peptides?

In the video, Dr. Calvo cautions “Don’t let the science behind it confuse you.” The process is as simple as a sender conveying a message to a receiver.

In short, peptides are responsible for sending a message to your cells (the receivers) from an outside source (the sender). This “message” turns on a signal that tells the body to start the healing process.

There are over 20,000 naturally occurring peptides present in the human body. ~60 of them have been approved by the FDA to be utilized for human consumption via orally, nasally, or injectables. You’ve probably seen them advertised in gyms and vitamin shops.

Depending on the method of consumption, peptides have the ability to heal our bodies 1/4-1/10th times faster than just letting the body heal without aid. They can be used in several different modalities. These include meniscus tears, brain injuries, plantar fasciitis, and stomach ulcers. Some can even be used to help with sleeping disorders.

Why We Care

One of the mantras that we implement at Veritas comes from Dr. Calvo himself: Form follows function.

Biomimetic peptides are not free-standing solutions. They are merely parts needed to guarantee overall beauty and wellness. In keeping with that mantra, it is important to note that some things won’t change or work (like peptides) unless your mind and body are harmonized and healthy.

Change is Necessary…

especially when it comes to beauty and wellness. This means change in a variety of ways:


It is important to eat a consistently balanced healthy diet. Many people believe that solely cutting carbs out is the way to go, while others are on Keto, and others still follow strictly Paleo or Vegan diets. Whatever you choose to do, the following 3 steps are essential to maintaining a healthy diet:

  • Portion Control

Portion control is a major key in a healthy diet, especially if you’re eating higher-calorie foods. Be sure to check serving sizes and be mindful when ordering at restaurants since larger portions now seem to be the norm. That all being said, chow down as much as you want on green vegetables. If you find yourself still hungry after eating, consider keeping some broccoli or spinach in your fridge for an ideal snack.

  • Don’t Consume Products with “Refined” Ingredients

These “refined” ingredients are usually in the form of white bread, pasta, and many snack items. These foods have little to no fiber content and are usually bereft of any nutrients. When looking at food labels, stay away from items with “wheat flour”- this includes “white”, “refined”, and “enriched” flours. Additionally, it is important to stay away from anything with high fructose corn syrup in it as well as products with added sugar such as sodas and candy. These types of foods only contain empty calories and are usually the main culprits when it comes to weight gain.

  • Limit Sodium Intake While Boosting Your Potassium

An excess of sodium in our bodies leads to higher blood pressure. Those suffering from hypertension, diabetes, or kidney disease should limit their sodium intake to ~ 1,500mg/day (which equates to roughly 2/3 tsp of salt) while others should strive to limit their intake to ~2,300 mg/day.

Eat more potassium. This means a diet rich with citrus fruits, avocados, bananas, and yogurt. White beans and sweet potatoes can also be consumed to boost your potassium intake.


It’s no secret that working out is an essential component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, many of us don’t go to the gym. It’s either too hard to find the time or we’re intimidated by going for various reasons.

Here are 3 exercises that don’t involve going to the dreaded gym that you can practice daily.

  • Tai Chi

This is a Chinese martial art that focuses on movement and relaxing the body. Some people call it “meditation in motion”. If you find that traditional meditation practices don’t work for you, consider trying Tai Chi. You can practice this in the comfort of your own home with guided videos on YouTube or there are options for classes at studios.

  • Walking

It may not seem like it, but simply just walking can be exercise enough. Not only can walking help you stay fit, but it can help improve cholesterol and blood pressure levels as well as strengthen your bones. Wearing good sneakers, walk for 10-15 minutes/day to start. Gradually bump that time up more and more until you’re walking ~ 30-60 mins/day most days of the week.

  • Yoga

Similarly to Tai Chi, Yoga can be practiced at home or in a class with an instructor. If nerves are the reason for not going to classes, there are several full length yoga sessions available online. Yoga is a fantastic way to get in tune with your body and promote flexibility. It can be utilized in several different ways. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or ways to relax, consider turning to yoga for a healthy mind-body balance.


According to Dr. Calvo, Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a key foundation which benefits the efficiency of peptides’ function. The benefits from BHRT are numerous. Not only can BHRT support our immune systems and reduce inflammation, but it can also help maintain a healthy weight, natural libido, and cholesterol levels.

Biomimetic peptides also work great in conjunction with PRP and stem cell treatments.

Veritas Bioactives Products That Contain Peptides

Devon says that “With the right nutrients, I knew my body had the ability to heal from within”. When she learned about the healing power of peptides from her mentor- as well as from Dr. Calvo- she was incredibly moved. She knew that she had found that essential nutrient in biomimetic peptides. She is entirely in awe of the ability that peptides have to trigger a positive response within the body that was already there. All our bodies needed was “a way to communicate properly”.

For this reason, we utilize biomimetic peptides in a number of ways in our Bioactives products:

Brightening Complex

This complex stops production of melanin, which is responsible for the development of brown skin pigmentation. If you are experiencing uneven skin tone, brown spots, or darkening skin, consider trying this product.

Aqua Vitae

The active ingredients in this formula decrease the frequency and duration of neurotransmitters that cause muscular contractions while simultaneously slowing the aging process.

Corrective C3 Peptide Complex

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles with this facial moisturizer. It is chock full of Vitamin C, which promotes better elasticity and even skin tone.

Want to Learn More?

Give us a call or schedule a consultation today! We are always here to help you achieve your beauty and wellness goals!

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