Lash Extensions in Austin, TX

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    Deliciously long, thick and full eyelashes… 

    You’ve seen them on the pages of many beauty magazines and red carpet events. Unfortunately, we are not all genetically blessed with perfect lashes – And surprising as it may sound, many models and celebrities also belong in this category! Which begs the question: “How come these beautiful people seemingly have perfect lashes?”  

    The answer – Veritas Backstage Eyelash Extensions.

    At Backstage, we are proud to now offer lash extensions! Whether you want to naturally enhance your lashes, or make a bold and beautiful statement, our team of expert lash techs has got you covered. While at the clinic, you can also shape and darken your brows, lose any pesky hairs, or receive a facial and/or dermaplaning to leave your skin glowing.

    How long does it take to apply a full set of lash extensions?

    Duration varies depending on the style and look you are going for. A natural-looking new set typically takes about 2-3 hours 

    How often should I expect to schedule a refill?

    Because of the shedding cycle of a natural lash, we all lose an average of 3 lashes per day. It is recommended to come in about every 3 weeks for a refill.

    Will the treatment cause my natural lashes to fall out?

    Rest assured, we apply safe, damage-free eyelash extensions that will not damage your natural lashes. Each eyelash extension is placed on an individual eyelash which allows the extension to shed with the natural lash. Your lash artist will evaluate your natural lashes to make sure that the proper weight and length of extensions are applied.

    I have a special event coming up – how far in advance should I get lashes applied?

    Industry best practices suggest that you get your full set of lash extensions applied a minimum of a month ahead of your big day, and then schedule one to two fill appointments before the actual day so that any adjustments can be made. This will ensure you get the exact look you want.

    Whats Happening

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