Limited Series: Veritas Services and Products for Imbalances in the Body

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Most of us need an extra hand when it comes to our daily lives- our beauty regime is no different!

Welcome to a new blog series from Veritas Backstage! In this limited series, you will discover various services and products offered by Veritas as well as the products that you can use in conjunction to help you better achieve your beauty goals!

While our products and services are effective on their own, they- just like us- also benefit from a helping hand. Effectively combining products and beauty services can provide your body that much needed boost. In this first post, kick off the new series by learning about which services and products can help with various imbalances often present in the body.

For Hormonal Imbalances

Suffering undesirable effects due to hormonal imbalances? Consider trying Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

Common symptoms of hormonal imbalance include low sex drive, fatigue, and decreased bone mass (among other symptoms). These kinds of imbalances vary and are largely affected by natural occurrences in the body such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Further, BHRT has the added bonus of reducing inflammation while helping maintain a healthy weight, cholesterol levels, and natural libido.

During the initial consultation, your technician will determine which hormones are out of balance. This will ensure that the natural bioidentical hormones injected or inserted during BHRT will actually benefit your body.

The BHRT Procedure

There are 4 ways that you can ingest hormones for BHRT:


These bioidentical hormones are pressed (or fused) into a cylinder the size of a grain of rice. Pellets provide long-term sustainability to hormone levels and don’t have to be re-inserted for 3-6 months. They are cardiac driven, which means that the pellets are only utilized when the body actually needs them. This process closely mirrors the body’s natural hormone releasing ability. During the procedure, the pellet is inserted through a small incision in the hip area. Don’t let that scare you though- the insertion is quick and painless!


This type of administration involves either weekly visits to Veritas Backstage or weekly self-injections. Some patients report experiencing an emotional peak immediately after injection followed by a sharp decline later in the week, resulting in a “rundown” feeling. Others report no side effects whatsoever.

If you experience this roller coaster of emotions, try dividing your doses in half, injecting twice a week instead of once.


Several people use creams for BHRT as it is perhaps the most customizable way to administer bioidentical hormones. However, patients using hormonal creams need to be diligent about applying it regularly or they will not receive a consistent amount of hormones.

The biggest problem that you might run into with this method is transference. This occurs when skin that has been treated topically with hormones touches another person’s skin. To avoid this, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after each application and apply hormonal cream to areas of the body that do not come into contact with others.


These types bioidentical hormones come in lozenge form and are ingested just like regular cough drops. As these lozenges dissolve, the hormones present in the lozenge release into the bloodstream. You will take them once or twice a day.

Please note that if you are taking other supplements that effect estrogen or testosterone levels, this particular administration may not be best for you as these chemicals effect digestion and liver activity, compromising the effectiveness of directly ingested bioidentical hormones.

Talk with your GP or Veritas technician during your consult to see which of these options works best for you.

For Low Collagen/Elastin Production

Low collagen and elastin production are usually the culprits when it comes to dull, grey, loose skin. If this is an issue you are suffering from, consider trying Veritas’ Micro-infusion therapy.

This is a minimally invasive procedure that helps boost cellular turnover rate- the process responsible for collagen and elastin production. It delivers active biomimetic peptides and/or PRP into the bloodstream by way of the skin’s surface that will enhance your body’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin.

Not only will your cellular turnover increase, but your pores will shrink and your skin will tighten, causing a reduction in wrinkle depth.

The Procedure

First your skin will be cleansed with our Sulfate-Free Cleanser (more on that below). Cleansing the skin will rid it of any excess oil, dirt, or other foreign agents- making it a prime canvas for the service. Next, your skin will be treated with a alpha/beta hydroxy acid before a sterile micro-needle delivers regenerative peptides and/or PRP into the live surface of the skin. The entire experience should take around an hour with best results seen by those who repeat treatments 2-6 times in 4-6 week intervals.

For Vitamin Imbalances

Sometimes an imbalance is as simple as not getting the right amount of vitamins into our system. Consider taking vitamins and supplements regularly to help combat inefficiencies or come get a Myer’s Cocktail at Veritas Backstage.

A Myer’s Cocktail consists of magnesium as well as Vitamins B and C. It is proven to be effective with treating several vitamin deficiencies and other vitamin-related imbalances.

If you are suffering from either a vitamin deficiency or some other kind of imbalance, we urge you to consider the Myer’s Cocktail. Most patients report an almost immediate relief from their ailments and an accompanied energy boost after receiving the Cocktail intravenously.

Products for Balancing the Body

Many of our products specialize in boosting natural processes already present in the body. Here are a few of our best sellers that contain peptides and other beneficial ingredients that can help give your body an added boost after receiving a treatment at Veritas Backstage (or anytime!).

Flawless Sulfate-Free Cleanser

Have you ever used a product that made your skin feel overly dry and tight? You won’t get that with this invigorating cleanser that we use during our Micro-infusion treatments. The Sulfate-Free cleanser gently exfoliates, brightens, and purifies without ever stripping the skin of its essential nutrients, leaving it supple and soft after application. It works particularly well for those with normal, sensitive, acne, or rosacea-prone skin types.

Iconic Corrective C3 Peptide Complex

This wrinkle reducing complex packs a potent punch full of Vitamin C, which promotes elasticity and a more even skin tone, and can be used as a facial moisturizer as well as an eye cream. The C3 complex also creates more mature, stable, and degradation-resistant collagen cells. Try using this product in conjunction with Micro-infusion therapy or Myer’s Cocktail services to see even better results!

Flawless Brightening Complex

Your skin can show signs of vitamin deficiency too! These signs are usually in the form of dull or grayish-looking skin. This Brightening Complex utilizes biomimetic peptides and natural skin lighteners to reveal lighter brighter skin that has a more even overall tone in as little as 3 weeks! Try using this product after Myer’s Cocktail services for more enhanced results.


Have Questions? Just Ask!

We’re happy to help in any way we can. If this blog post has left you intrigued, but with questions, feel free to contact us by phone- (800) 954-7590- email (, or just drop by our location if you’re in Austin- we’re just off of 5th street in the downtown area!





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