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5 Ways to Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day

Every second Sunday in May, people around the nation celebrate Mother’s Day by buying cards and showering their mom with a little extra love and attention (and maybe a gift or two). And while there’s no question that the woman who raised us deserves our utmost gratitude and affection, there

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What To Do When You Don’t Like Your Botox Results

Botox® is THE most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatment across the globe. Last year, more than seven million injections were administered in the US alone! And it’s easy to see why people LOVE their Botox – It can have a near magical effect on the face, smoothing out wrinkles and

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See My Results: Radio Frequency Resurfacing

We’ve been talking this month about the importance of resurfacing the skin for it’s really great regenerative abilities. It’s a lot like weightlifting for the skin – You introduce a little bit of controlled activity to break down the tissue, which in turn forces the skin to rebuild new healthy

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The Best Skin Treatment During the Winter Months

Spring is almost here! Granted, living in Austin, TX, we get very little of the seasonal onslaught much of the rest of the country experiences – BUT – we’re no less excited when the temperature gauge begins to creep up and the clothing begins to come off. As you know,

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How to Choose a Botox Injector

How to Choose A Botox® Injector

These days, it seems like you could throw a rock and hit a business that offers Botox® injections. Doctor’s, dermatologists, med spas, and beauty clinics have all hopped on the Botox bus. But getting Botox (and similar injections such as Dysport) isn’t the same as getting your hair cut or

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Radio Frequency

All You Need to Know About Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Wrinkles, cellulite, inflammation, and sagging skin… These are the “4 Horsemen” of the aging process and the main offenders in the fight to look and feel youthful. While there are numerous modalities that will target each offender individually, there’s one treatment that can handle all 4 in one fell swoop:

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Why So Many Women Are Choosing Non-Surgical-Lip Augmentation

Nothing says “youthful allure” quite like a pretty smile. But what constitutes a pretty smile? At Veritas Backstage, we believe the core building blocks are: Healthy looking teeth Minimized appearance of fine lines (around the mouth, eyes and forehead) And most importantly – Full lips Lips are, in our opinion,

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Keep Skin Hydrated in Winter

The Secret to Keeping Your Skin Hydrated in the Winter

Frigid temperatures aren’t common place in Texas, but dry, flaky, and cracked skin STILL runs rampant during this time of year – And it can be a real pain… Literally! Have ever gone to wash your hands and felt the sting of your cracked knuckles touching the water? Then you

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lipogems at Veritas Backtage

FDA Clears The Way: Lipogems’ Receives FDA Clearance For System Utilizing Body’s Own Fat To Support Tissue Repair In Orthopedic Surgeries

Lipogems, a leader in medical technologies for orthopedic physicians, announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance of the company’s Microfragmented Adipose Tissue Transplant System for orthopedic and arthroscopic procedures. Lipogems successfully uses a patient’s own body fat (known clinically as adipose tissue) to assist in the healing process

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